Jonre opened its doors by two siblings in the northeastern side of the U.S. by the name of Ben and Buky.

Two youngsters, yet a mind of gold!
They first started out enthusiastically serving as beauty consultants handling each customer’s skin according to their needs and satisfaction.

Day after day, they chatted their daily work, as both working in the same field.
They usually discussed the beauty products sold and used each other’s knowledge on gaining a deeper experience in their skill.
They themselves used natural oils and plant extracts for their skin, as they knew exactly what all the retail skincare products contain.
On one spring evening, the two close-knit siblings sat at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, enjoying the freshness of nature.
They spent time viewing each tree, all sorts of flowers and plants.
As it is the best hobby for them, they often visited the garden, living close by.


They walked through a Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea Tree, commonly known as the European Beech or Common Beech Tree.
As the passed by, some of the Fagus fell on the grass, from the strong spring wind.
Ben’s shoe stuck to the bud, as it was hard for him to continue walking Buky removed it from the shoe sole with her bare hand.
The bud cracked in her hand, it began oozing out onto her hand, she got annoyed and checked through her pockets for a serviette, or little tissue, as she didn’t find one she had no choice but to massage and rub it into her hand. She had so much excess of the extract, without an alternative, she applied the rest of bud, on her neck.
She didn’t put much attention to the happening and continued her science chat with Ben.

After a short while – she felt the dent she had on her neck popped out. She took a look at her hand and they were extremely moist!
What is going on here? She shouted. This Fagus moistened and softened my skin!

It renewed your skin! Ben Said, Hey, let’s take home some!
And then they simultaneously called out:
Let’s sell it!
Actually, let’s create our own skincare brand formulas – of natural ingredients!
We’ll take our science knowledge and bring beauty to life!
We are young and can fulfill the lacking of pure natural skin care products in the market.
We will combine the best of science and nature!
We will sell them with confidence!
That day is a memorable day for Jonre – it was the First Day of our long successful Journey!

  • Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract Benefit

  • Reduce loss of skin density.

  • Avoid Sagging of the face.

  • Moisturizing Agents

  • Radiance Effect

  • Smoothing Wrinkles

  • Revitalizing to an even skin tone